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Original Instrumentals & Songs

This page has Instrumentals for now.

I am working on my first album of songs, which will be done soon. When they are I will post them here.

Sound Sculptures

All of these were created in 2006-2009. I have many more but I have not posted them yet as I have not had the time to edit them. These are only a few samples.

The reason I call these Sound Sculptures are based on the way in which they were created. They originated by recording my warm ups in a free-form jam, then forming them into some sort of a cohesive whole by "chipping away and smoothing out the rough edges" which is what you do when you create sculptures.They are not to be taken that seriously but they're fun to listen to.

Rhythms 1   (24 seconds)
East West Meditation   (1.5 min)
Summer Lullaby   (39 seconds)
Moonlight Reflections   (2 min 51 sec)
Moment of Break Up   (1 min)